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Plant Care

1. Unbox with love! Open your PlantRabit box as soon as possible.
2. Take a breath of fresh air. Let your plant air out for 2-3 hours in a well-ventilated area.
3. Plant paradise awaits. Choose a pot with drainage and create a perfect mix: 3 parts sand, 3 parts potting mix, 2 parts worm castings, and 2 parts perlite.
4. Hydration time! Wait 2-3 days before watering your new plant. Remember, succulents love their drinks when the top layer of soil feels dry near the roots, not on the leaves. Avoid direct sunlight for at least 10 days to allow them to adjust to their new home.

Here’s why we recommend these steps:
* Air circulation: Fresh air helps prevent moisture build-up and promotes healthy growth.
* Drainage: A well-draining mix prevents root rot, a common succulent struggle.
* Watering schedule: Succulents store water in their leaves, so waiting to water allows them to adjust and avoids over-watering.
* Gradual light introduction: Direct sunlight can be harsh for newly arrived plants, so give them some time to acclimate.

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Premium Quality

PlantRabit inspects every plant carefully to ensure top-notch health.

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Expertly delivered plants, ready to flourish in your home.

Persolized Care

PlantRabit offers post-sale care guidance for happy plants.

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PlantRabit offers hassle-free returns for a worry-free experience.

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tasleem 786tasleem 786
02:49 06 Mar 24
Ashwini MaidurAshwini Maidur
01:24 02 Aug 23
All the plants are in healthy state when received Ii am happy plant lover to receive all my plants
Nalini BoscoNalini Bosco
14:22 01 Aug 23
Plants were healthy.
Sachin NainwalSachin Nainwal
11:22 11 May 23
Absolutely love my new succulent plant! It arrived in perfect condition and has added a lovely touch of green to my living space."
Avinash KumarAvinash Kumar
04:07 03 May 23
Received succulents in well wrapped packets. All are growing gradually after planting in pots.
ShemfordSameya SamuShemfordSameya Samu
07:43 16 Apr 23
Your plants are really beautiful and I like those very much.And especially I like the way and cooperation that you have with your customers. Highly appreciated, and thanks for providing us with those mesmerising beautiful plants. Thank you
anubha singhanubha singh
14:48 09 Apr 23
Very well packed. Received plants in very good condition. Happy to have ordered these plants.
kabita dubeykabita dubey
06:57 28 Feb 23
I love this plants ...And their packaging 📦 is also perfect...🙂If you are fond of plants you must buy.
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